locked Re: Being called when just monitoring and not transmitting

Dave Cole

I would bet most are decode errors... Look the call up on QRZ, see if it is real...

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)

On 1/13/21 2:08 AM, Austin 2E0MNV wrote:
Anyone got to the bottom of these false decodes?  It seems to happen to me at least once per day
This morning I got this one
210113_095500     7.074 Rx FT8    -17 -2.3  516 2E0MNV EO8QWQ/R R RC30            ? a2
Yesterday I had a phantom caller from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Is it just something we have to accept with the a priori decode feature or is it a bug in the software.
It can't be an incorrect decode of a real caller either as there was no one using that particular frequency 516 and ten minutes had elapsed since my last transmission.

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