locked Re: Involuntary CQing

Patrick Hung

Austin (and others),

Reading through this thread, I had one concern in mind, and it was finally pointed out by Austin in the last paragraph above - auto logging only logs when a 73 is sent/received. Oftentimes I would encounter an abrupt stop to a QSO, after signal exchange, whereby the other station stops transmitting (until this point I've chalked it up to sudden signal degradation and they can't hear me/vice-versa) - is this a case of the other station logging without needing a 73/sending a 73 to me? In such cases, I have no idea if he/she received my last transmit, so I continue sending my 73s, until I finally abandon the QSO without logging. In any case, if I don't receive/send a 73, my software won't log the QSO (no pop-up to indicate so), and being new, I don't know how to trigger WSJT-X log manually; I can log it on ACLog, but would prefer to have the QSO noted on the WSJT-X_log as well. 
Patrick, W6AJR

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