locked sticky Re: Mac M1 Memory Error

invl160 Davis

Hi Bill
I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to create the LaunchDaemon.  It was quite difficult to follow all the steps I found in a YouTube video.  Anyway I did complete
the file but it didn't work for me.  Obviously my next to nil knowledge of Apple coding is the issue not the instructions.!

I did see a note in a posting on theis WSJTX group  about making sure that file sysctl.conf is on your computer.  i search on my iMac but can't find that file.  I have a 2017 iMac Ver 11.1 MacOS Big Sur
The note about sysctl.conf referenced a README note about how to install it.  I looked in all the folders associated with the WSJT-X but cannot find the notes about sysctl.conf

Can you direct me to it.

73 Frank VO1HP

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