locked Re: Involuntary CQing

Austin 2E0MNV

Just because I have sent RR73 does not mean he has received it.   There have been occasions when the operator has refused to log me because he did not get my RR73.

The issue is, WSJTX stops transmitting immediately after RR73.  You have to click in two separate places on the screen after RR73 is sent, in anticipation that you may need to send it again because the last one went into outer space.  You do not know he got your RR73 until he sends 73 back.  If you set the option to continue transmitting after RR73, it transmits the unwanted CQ, which is unhelpful.

It happened to me 3 times yesterday and all the operators failed to log me even though we exchanged signal reports.  I suspect it was because they did not receive my RR73 for whatever reason.  They expect RR73 or they do not log.

I know there is an RRR option.  However, in this scenario, I transmit RRR, he receives it and sends RR73.  But then I have to send 73, and if he does not get this last 73, he will not log the contact.  There is no option in WSJTX to send 73 more than once.  There is only option to send a CQ after 73 which is a useless option unless you are the calling station.  

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