locked Re: Involuntary CQing

Reino Talarmo

>One thing that has been annoying me lately is that once wsjtx has sent RR73, the TX stops.  By the time you get that next one out, it's too late and the DX station is working someone else.  I've lost many a QSL as a result, because some operators expect a 73 or they won't log you.  Clicking tx again results in an involuntary CQ if you're not careful.

Hi Austin,

I am a bit lost, what is your scenario. If I have sent RR73, then I may receive 73. Do their expect from you a 73 to that? Or is it some other sequence of messages as normally I need to send 73 after receiving RR73 or RRR?


In any case I have not seen that as problem, but as an opportunity to select what you want do next. If I consider that I need to send something right after sending my RR73, then I Enable Tx at the beginning of rx period. That opens me opportunity to select what to send once reception is completed. Typical need is to repeat RR73, when I receive again R-report. For that I hover pointer at Tx4 Now button and click that if needed. Otherwise I may need to send 73 or CQ. I just move pointer to appropriate button and click. If I am a bit late, it normally does not mean anything as only a small portion the message contains wrong bits and error correction does its job. Of course Halt Tx is an option as well; I may generate some QRM in that case.


Even better could be to activate Alternated F1-F6 bindings and just hit F key; it equivalent to pressing Tx* Now. See User Guide 6.7. FT4 last but one note. Work also at FT8.


My sixpence.


73, Reino OH3mA




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