locked Re: Involuntary CQing

Frode Igland

Checking or unchecking "Disable Tx after sending 73" has no effect in popular modes like FT8 and FT4. It only works in modes where it is expected to have to repeat your 73 message many times in order to complete the QSO, e.g. meteor scatter. In these modes it is normally difficult to complete a QSO in one attempt. However, even in these modes conditions may sometimes be such that you can expect to be successful in completing on the first attempt. This is so rare that you reallly don't want to waste the time with unnecessary repetition. THAT is the when you check "Disable Tx after sending 73", i.e. order to avoid repeating otherwise expected repetitions.

In modes where you can expect to complete the QSO on the first attempt, and that sending a 73 actually completes the QSO, you will find that TX is always disabled after sending 73, in order to avoid a fully automated QSO machines or QSO robots. That is why you always have to click "Enable Tx" to start a new CQ or a new QSO in FT8 and FT4. So the situation you describe simply does not happen in FT8 or FT4, because you will never be able to send a CQ and solicit calls unless you have actively clicked on "Enable Tx" and, I repeat, because "Disable tx after sending 73" has no effect in FT8 and FT4.

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