locked New Guy Question on FT8 and other related Modes and Settings #WSJTX_config #NewUser


Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the help its been great. Got WSPR up and running well, I am amazed how well it works. Based on the Delaware shore, in the States I have been heard as far north as Iceland, as far south as the Polarstern Icebreaker in the south Atlantic around 40 degrees South, and in Hawaii and eastern Europe using my home built 20 meter ground mounted vertical. I  am hearing stations almost as well. I assume the difference in range is I am running 5 watts and I know many people are running far less when they transmit.

Today's question is I hope a simple one. I am planning to explore FT8 and the other modes in WSJT-X do other modes require changes in the settings  as far as I can tell it does not seem to be the case. I am assuming (always a dangerous word hence this question) that if the software is properly configured for cat control and is able to hear and transmit no matter what mode your in other than the frequency being different everything else would remain the same.  As always thanks in advance.

Marty KC3PZX

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