locked sticky Re: Mac M1 Memory Error

Bill Somerville

On 10/01/2021 13:07, invl160 Davis wrote:
I have been using my 2017 iMac using the macro work around to get rid of the shared memory issue.  After a week of having to do the macro fix I got tired of doing it each time I booted up.   I like turning everything off in the shack when I am finished operating.

will there ever be a permanent fix in WSJT-x?

Frank VO1HP

the problem lies with Apple, we do not know why the mechanism using /etc/sysctl.conf to adjust kernel parameters does not work on macOS 11 using M1 hardware. At some point in the future the requirement for shared memory to communicate between the WSJT-X processes will be removed, but that is a big change that we do not intend to do quickly.

Surely you can arrange for a script to be run on reboot to adjust the shared memory parameters, also why are you rebooting your M1 Mac so often that this becomes so annoying?


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