Locked Re: rc 3 and WSPR Band Hopping #BugReport #Cat_RigControl#Band hopping #IssueReport

William Cullison

V2.2.2 crashes when using band hopping for me.

Bill WA8VIH EL98

On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 11:30 AM Jon Mills <jon.mills@...> wrote:

I still cannot get the WSPR band hopping to work ( SINCE 2.2.1). Set up is Win 10 20H2 Rx only with co-installed SDRUno using Kenwood TS480 for CAT interface via VSPE. Manual frequency change works in both directions, but WSJT-X is not issuing a frequency change instruction ( monitored using VSPE) just a series of FA;MD;IF;FA;MD;IF;FA;MD;IF;FA;MD;IF;FA;MD; instructions.  A manual change initiated from WSJT-X shows for example F;FA;MD;FA00007038600;ID;IF;MD

v 2.2.1 works ok, but I still cannot get this running on later versions, although it looks like others are not having issues.

Any ideas please.


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