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Phil Davidson

Hi Reino.  Here are some links to SDR systems.  These links and more on my web site  ..  http://www.maghull-scene.co.uk/radio.htm









For VHF and above try the Southampton site


Regards – Phil (G0DOR)



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Try http://websdr.org/

73, Reino OH3mA


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Subject: [WSJTX] WebSDR for wsjtx... #GeneralGroupInfo


Are there any WebSDR - Like sites that you could monitor over the web to see what FTx signals are looking like in other places?

Since I only have 1 rig-computer combo, I would like to be able to:

A)  see in real time what is on other bands while using my current band.

B) monitor my own location to review my own signal quality, but more importantly, make sure other's aren't tx'ing over me & vice-versa...

C) be able to monitor while away from home.

D) see what "hearing" is like in other locations.



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