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Hi John

You can do this on the same computer, just run two (or more) instances of WSJT-X, two profiles.


On Thu, 7 Jan 2021 at 17:32, JP Tucson, AZ <samcat88az@...> wrote:
Hi Tom,

I am aware of that, but I am already using my 1 computer...

I am hoping to find a solution that I can run without a radio over my cellphone browser - no radio, no cables

Every place I've looked says that there is no virtual audio cable for android!

I am really looking for (lack of a better term) an already-decoded "activity window", along with the wide graph.

Kinda like a Flex radio display... (below)

Dial in the frequency, watch the decoded callsigns...

73 - John - N7GHZ

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021, 10:04 AM Tom M0LTE <tom@...> wrote:
FT8 can be decoded from any web SDR using virtual audio cable type software, of which there are some freebies around. Feed the audio from your browser into the input of the virtual audio cable, and feed the output of the virtual audio cable into the input of WSJT-X. Turn off rig control and pskreporter spotting. Run a second instance/profile of WSJT-X using the instructions in the manual.


On Thu, 7 Jan 2021 at 16:51, JP Tucson, AZ <samcat88az@...> wrote:
Are there any WebSDR - Like sites that you could monitor over the web to see what FTx signals are looking like in other places?

Since I only have 1 rig-computer combo, I would like to be able to:

A)  see in real time what is on other bands while using my current band.

B) monitor my own location to review my own signal quality, but more importantly, make sure other's aren't tx'ing over me & vice-versa...

C) be able to monitor while away from home.

D) see what "hearing" is like in other locations.


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