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Just readin' the mail and thought I'd share.

WSJT has an API that automatically posts every QSO as soon as you log it. Ham Radio Deluxe captures the log entry and puts it into the HRD log. Presto.

That gives me a unified HRD, WSJT log. HRD does all the fancy stuff like pulling up the OP's name and looking him up in QRZ.

HRD neatly posts QSOs to LoTW. Just highlight and click. But it usually takes about half an hour for the QSOs to show up on LoTW, once uploaded.

Bill K1NS

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From: Jim Preston N6VH <N6VH@...>
Date: 1/6/21 11:31 AM (GMT-05:00)
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On 1/5/2021 2:12 PM, John Brock wrote:
> I just opened N1MM and exported the ADIF file. Then Opened WSJTX and
> imported that file. Then uploaded from WSJTX to LoTW.
> Seems to be working.
> John


Just wondering. How do you upload to LOTW from WSJT-X?


Jim N6VH

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