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Julian - a recent issue of the ARRL technical magazine QEX had a fairly detailed article on FT-x technical specs. I don't think you are an ARRL member, but I could send you a copy if you like. But I am not sure if it covers everything you want. Worth a try tho.

Bill K1NS

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From: Julian <julian@...>
Date: 1/5/21 10:03 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [WSJTX] wsjtx specs #GeneralGroupInfo #Timesync

Is there a spec for WSJT/WSJTX for the time error that it tolerates and the
width of the frequency band that it searches, in the various modes?

Basically, how many times does the s/w look for the codes in each mode, and
with what timing errors?

Julian, G3YGF

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