Re: Missing gridsquare info in the ADI file #logging

Andrea Tommasi

I think it's not a problem, but when you call a long call like some SES it don't call with gridsquare and when you call a station during it's RR73 or 73 you don't read also gridsquare, check the grid box and it's empty.
In these cases you need to search grid on QRZ.COM or other log and copy it in the grid box ad hit ADD so next time you call this station WSJT-X have already grid in it's database (file CALL3.TXT) and put it automatically in the grdi box and in the ADIF log file.
These operations must be made before the end of QSO so the grid info appear in the log windows before hit OK otherwise you must add grid info also in the log windows in grid box before hit OK.
Hope this help you.

73 de IK4IDP

Il 06/01/2021 02:44, Kenneth Williams ha scritto:
I see a problem where about 5% of the entries in my adi file are missing the gridsquare information. 
The normal format is "...AANN FT8 ..." but what I see instead is "... FT8 ..." (the gridsquare data count is 0 and the grid of the contact is missing).  The net result is that I sometimes work contacts and grids that I have already worked so it is not disastrous.   Is this a known problem?

I am running V2.2.2 on a Windows 7 machine.



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