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Regrettably, it appears it is a GTK application. I want to see if it has a command line interface. While graphical interfaces suit and are appreciated by most people. All that computer power is wasted on me as I can't see it. I have no idea what part of the screen requires attention. Whereas, in the terminal it is a simple prompt at the bottom.

In addition, some screen readers experience conflicts with pulse audio. While Orca works with it. Orca is a screen reader for the GUI. As stated it would be nice to avoid using the GUI for some tasks, especially, as I am talking about a Pi which has limited resources. I have used several command line mixers as stated. I was just confused over what audio interface the Silicon Lads generates to feed the 590SG.

Thats all.

On 4 Jan 2021, at 23:39, Ronald Wolenski <rwolenski@...> wrote:

The new version of Raspberry Pi OS now uses Pulse Audio for sound. Install the pavucontrol application to control the sound settings.
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol


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