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Andrew OBrien

Happy New Year .
January 2021 marks the first anniversary of this group's merger with the old WSJT Yahoo group.  The merger went quite well.  I tried to minimize group rules and overall members have been remarkable respectful and insightful in their posts.  I have had a few concerns reported to me and a review of those concerns has prompted a few changes, effective immediately. 

No personal insults, be polite when expressing opinions that differ from others.
No items "for sale" .
No expression of political viewpoints, keep the messages focused on the software.
This is a worldwide group made of many different cultures, faiths, values, and ethnic groups. Please exhibit tolerance, respect and kindness. 
Threads that become expansive or begin to form a circular argument may be moderated or "locked" by moderators after a period of time so that they do not dominate the group. 
No promoting the use of the WSJTX software in a manner that violates the author's copyright terms. 
Moderating staff exercise exclusive discretion over all posted content,  Please report any message that you feel moderating staff may have missed and required a review of possible inappropriate content. 

Please note we have had a few concerns where people assume that myself and other moderators are part of the WSJT-X development team.  That is not the case.  We are totally independent of that team.  Members of the team do use this group and some even reply to questions. Please be aware that the development team members respond as a courtesy and are under no obligation.  In addressing moderators and members of the development team , please keep the ethos of "open source" software.  That includes Transparency, Collaboration, Community. The moderators and some of the development team have had "demands" placed on them from a handful of users who seem to expect the same level of accountability as one would expect from a tort duty or relationship. 

Effective immediately "tags" are required for each post.  This will help address the concerns some members have expressed about topics being repetitive and some members failing to use the search feature before posting a question. Hashtags also help us with moderator duties. 

If you would like to serve as a moderator please email me at k3ukandy@...  To serve as a moderator you must have been a member of this group for at least one year.   Moderators from Oceania would be especially welcome.

I wish you all peace and good health in 2021

Andy K3UK

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