locked WSJT-X on Raspberry Pi setup

Georgina Joyce <gena@...>

Hello All,

I installed WSJT-X on a Raspberry Pi 400 as I wanted to see if orca screen reader could enable me to navigate the interface. I am glad to say I have been able to set my call and grid. Set my TS-590SG cat control and match the settings I use on Windows. I was also able to select the message macro for calling CQ with my call and grid. So it is the audio settings next. I wondered if I could do this from the command line? I have used aumix and alsa before but down't know how to address the sound card device. I see from lsusb there was a lot of information regarding the TS-590SG connection. Any help on getting this set up would be appreciated, more driven by the terminal the better.



Call: M0EBP
DMR ID: 2346259
Allstar: 52178
Locater: IO83PS

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