Locked Date Format changed unexpectedly

Herb Blue - WB8ASI

I'm running WSJTX v2.2.2 smoothly collecting QSO's in the ARRL Roundup.  For some unknown reason the popup to Log QSO has switched the month and day, so instead of logging 01/03/2021, it is now entering it as 03/01/2021 (both in the Contest Log and into Log4OMv2).  If I switch the months and dates on the Log QSO popup before clicking the OK,   it still logs incorrectly to the Contest Log and Log4OMv2.  The date format on the Win10 computer remains correct.  If anyone knows how to get the format changed back, please let me know.   I'll have plenty of editing to do in my logging software and the Cabrillo file if this goes on too long.   I reloaded the v2.2.2 and rebooted the computer, but no help.   Thanks, Herb WB8ASI

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