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John Morphet

I went up to the computer in the radio shack and got more specific answers for you. The filtering I was talking about is at the top of Call Roster as shown below. If you need help on the filtering ask offline or in the GridTracker group.



You can get to settings by clicking on the gear in the main menu. Third row, far right. You can also mute all audio from GridTracker by clicking on the speaker icon (4th row, 2nd from right)



In settings, select “Call Roster” tab and disable “Audio Alert on New Wanted”.



John, WØZI


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I did answer this in the “Auto Uploading to LoTW and QRZ” thread. My answer was:


GridTracker identified a callsign on the air that you have not previously had a QSO with. The criteria for identification is based on the filtering criteria set up in GridTracker. If you don’t understand my answer, let me know and I will go into more detail. If you want to turn it off, look in the settings at the alert and call roster areas.


John, WØZI




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Apologies if this is out of the scope of the forum, so I will take a slap on the hand if it is.  It's just I have a grid tracker question and I think someone must think I'm pulling their leg, because I've asked a few times now on the Grid Tracker group but no one has responded.

What does "New Hit" mean?  I genuinely do not know and I cannot seem to find the answer.  I mean Grid Tracker is great, but it keeps shouting "New Hit" and I really, genuinely, do not know what that means.  Anyone know?

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