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John Morphet

I did answer this in the “Auto Uploading to LoTW and QRZ” thread. My answer was:


GridTracker identified a callsign on the air that you have not previously had a QSO with. The criteria for identification is based on the filtering criteria set up in GridTracker. If you don’t understand my answer, let me know and I will go into more detail. If you want to turn it off, look in the settings at the alert and call roster areas.


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Apologies if this is out of the scope of the forum, so I will take a slap on the hand if it is.  It's just I have a grid tracker question and I think someone must think I'm pulling their leg, because I've asked a few times now on the Grid Tracker group but no one has responded.

What does "New Hit" mean?  I genuinely do not know and I cannot seem to find the answer.  I mean Grid Tracker is great, but it keeps shouting "New Hit" and I really, genuinely, do not know what that means.  Anyone know?

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