locked Re: Annoyance!

Floyd Sense

As more than one of you have suggested, two of my three monitors are indeed HDMI and I didn't give any thought to the fact that there were sound devices associated with them.  To test and verify this might be the cause of the problem, I started up JTDX, made sure the correct sound output was selected, and then powered down/up one of the  monitors.  When the monitor came back up, JTDX was then connected to the wrong sound output path.  I then duplicated the test using WSJT-X.  So, indeed, it's the re-enumeration resulting from power off/on or sleep that's the source of the problem.  Since the two monitors currently connected via HDMI also have other connection types available, I think I'll opt for simply replacing the cable adaptors with something other than HDMI and that should allow me to continue to use the sleep function for the monitors and eliminate the problem.  My PC video card uses the mini DisplayPort connectors, so I need adapter cables anyway. 

Thanks to all who suggested the HDMI possibility.  This correction will probably solve some other sound card related problems that I had previously blamed on Windows updates. 

73, Floyd - K8AC

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