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Turning off the monitor sleep worked for me, using W10 OS, and it was the HDMI issue.
Since doing that(over a year ago), the issue has never re-occurred.
73 Bob G8HGN
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> The only thing still set up for sleep is the two monitors. Any other
> ideas will be cheerfully tried.
Are the monitors HDMI? If so they contain audio (playback) devices and
allowing them to sleep will cause Windows to renumber all audio devices.
Renumbering (reenumerating) audio endpoints (devices) can cause Windows
to reset the sound cards.

Note: I do not know why WSJTX is more sensitive to reenumeration than
other software. Many other applications will identify sound card by
name rather than "index" and can follow reenumeration without losing
the selected endpoints.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-01-02 10:44 AM, Floyd Sense wrote:
> Well, it wasn't that simple after all.  I disabled the USB Selective Suspend for all USB items that had that option and also disabled sleep/hibernate.  This morning, the sound card reverted to the default after sitting idle for an hour and a half.  The only thing still set up for sleep is the two monitors.  Any other ideas will be cheerfully tried.
> 73, Floyd - K8AC


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