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Keep in mind that the band is very busy and a QRP signal is often lost.

Just today I was on 20 watching South Africa pop up but not able to work it.

Dave KC3AM

On 12/31/2020 17:10, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello All,

Thanks for your suggestions. I just had a goal to get a number of contacts before the end of the year. As I write I have a few hours left of this year. But have given up and will look to see what my total is after writing this message.

I do not have an antenna that has an SWR problem. I have a TW1 and the TS-590SG that speaks the SWR and I am quite capable of using them. 

>From the responses it appears that it is just competition within crowded bands.


On 30 Dec 2020, at 23:27, John Morphet <jmorphet@...> wrote:

It is normal for the higher bands to go quiet and the lower bands to come
alive at night. Since 20m works well, but the lower bands do not, I would be
suspicious of how your antenna is tuned to the lower bands. Check the SWR of
the antenna at the lower bands. It could be something else, but kind of hard
to tell without being there. Maybe you can find a local ham to help you.

John, WØZI

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Hello All,

I have noticed I can get contacts quite easily during daylight time,
typically 20m and on 40m. I have observed 20m goes flat slowly after sunset.
On 40m and 80m where I can hear activity during darkness, I find it nearly
impossible to get a contact. Being a blind ham I cannot observe what of the
audio levels are changed by the onset of darkness. While I understand that
changes of the layers of the ionosphere affect propagation. I do not know
what effects this is having on my audio levels. Are they excited or subdued?
If so, are both affected? Or is it nothing to do with audio levels? What can
I do to improve my chances of successful contacts during darkness? It
certainly sounds like there's a lot of activity at night. So I assume they
are usually successful but why aren't I?

Many thanks,


Call: M0EBP
DMR ID: 2346259
Allstar: 52178
Locater: IO83PS


Call: M0EBP
DMR ID: 2346259
Allstar: 52178
Locater: IO83PS

Hams should be seen as well as heard, 73, Dave KC3AM

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