locked Re: WSJT-X on Raspeberry Pi: Rig Control Woes


Hi there,

On 31.12.2020 19.59, dpsm64@... wrote:
Hi, I'm fairly new to WSJT-X, but I have gotten it up and running on my Ubuntu desktop with my IC-7200. I built a Raspberry Pi to use specifically for digital modes usingĀ KM4ACK's Build-a-Pi v3. I've tried about everything I can think of to get WSJT-X talking to my rig over USB, but no dice. I'm using /dev/ttyUSB0, same serial settings that worked when I ran WSJT-X on my Ubuntu machine, but all I get is a dialog saying "Rig Failure Hamlib error: IO error when opening connection to rig."

I double checked group membership - /dev/ttyUSB0 is in the dialout group, as is the user I'm logged in as (pi). When I use rigctl from the command line to test hamlib, this is what I get:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ rigctl -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -m 361
rig_open: error = IO error

1) Have you tried to specify the serial baudrate with the "-s" command line option?

2) Have you considered compiling WSJT-X from the source-tarball?


That way you would get WSJT-X with statically linked Hamlib.

If you do this, then please note that the model number for IC-7200 is 3061.

About a year ago I compiled WSJT-X on Pi 4 from source tarball and it worked fine.

73's & HNY de Kari, oh2gqc

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