locked Re: Annoyance!

Floyd Sense

This happens to me almost daily.  I'm usually up early chasing FT8 DX on 80M and when I'm done I just leave WSJT-X up and come back for more in the late afternoon.  About 50% of the time, the audio out has been redirected to the PC speakers (that's the default audio output device).  100% of the time, restarting WSJT-X fixes the problem. There has been no other activity on the PC during the off time.   I'm running Windows 10 Home Edition at the latest maintenance level.  Using a microHam Digikeyer II as the interface with my FTDX-5000.  No RF problems in the shack - things are properly controlled with chokes.  Besides, there is NO RF generated during the period when the audio problem occurs.  I've been experimenting with JTDX recently and have not yet had the problem occur with it.

73, K8AC

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