locked Re: Auto Uploading to LOTW and QRZ

Jeff Stillinger

On the contrary.   QRZ is a full service log book. 

Here is a screen shot of a logged QSO I made this morning and logged to QRZ.   Of course it contains everything for confirmation when I sync it to LoTW, but it also houses everything that CQR Log does.   Then some.

On 12/31/20 11:30 AM, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 31/12/2020 17:26, Jeff Stillinger via groups.io wrote:
I would have to disagree with the policy when it comes to online LOGBOOK Services.  Such as QRZ (US) and QRZCQ (EU).  These are full service log books online.   Housing much more information than just the QSO it self, and they are linked to external confirmation services.  In short, doing it online instead of locally.

Hi Jeff,

unless QRZ or QRZCQ handle management of awards using eQSL and LoTW etc. then for you they do not seem to be a "full service log book". I was under the impression that these services have a rather narrower focus.


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