locked Auto Sequencing Changed




I’m using WSJT-X v2.3.0-rc2 (64-bit) and the auto sequence changed yesterday.  Prior to this change, the auto sequence was:


Calling CQ on FT8:

Tx6 (CQ)

Tx2 (Call MyCall report)

Tx5 (73)

Log QSO window pops up, I hit OK and the QSO is sent to my logging program and I enter some additional information in my logging program.


Now it’s:

Tx6 (CQ)

Tx2 (Call MyCall report)

Tx4 (RRR)

No Log QSO window pops up, I have to manually hit Tx5 or the Log QSO window will not open.


I have Auto Seq box checked (I did uncheck it, made a QSO, ran through the sequence manually and then checked Auto Seq again, called CQ, made a QSO but Tx4 came up, not Tx5.


It only happens if I call CQ, when I reply to a CQ, the sequence is fine.


I’ve reinstalled WSJT-X v2.3.0-rc2 (64-bit) twice, I reinstalled my logging program (just in case my logging program changed anything), I searched the archives but couldn’t find a similar post and I looked at section 7.3 Auto-Sequencing in the manual.

How do I go back to my original sequence of Tx6 > Tx2 > Tx5 when calling CQ?


Thank you,

Vin, 73



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