locked Re: USB Audio CODEC

Martin G0HDB

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 01:07 AM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
1) there are much better interfaces than Signalink at not much more
There are some interface devices, eg. the G4ZLP DigiMaster DataLInk, that are functionally almost equivalent to the SignaLink-USB and not only have much better LF noise performance but also are considerably cheaper than the SL-USB.

2) If one wants to use an inexpensive sound card, it is very easy
to build a one resistor, one transistor PTT circuit driven by the
computer serial port used for the CAT connection *IF* the transceiver
is one that requires a separate hardware PTT signal to select the
"Line" input on transmit.
Almost any USB soundcard 'dongle' will perform better than the SL-USB - my tests a few years ago showed that a $10 UGreen dongle had 20dB less LF noise than an SL-USB - and if anyone prefers to have analogue pots to tweak to adjust Tx and Rx audio levels then a combination of a cheap USB dongle and one of the G3LIV interface units, eg. the Isoterm Multicon USB, will provide essentially the same capabilities as, and better performance than, an SL-USB.  Like the SL-USB, the G3LIV interfaces generate a 'hardware' PTT signal so there's no need for any additional external circuitry.

IMO of course...

Martin G0HDB

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