locked Noise Only When WSJTX is running rig control #cat #705 #Cat_RigControl


Hi. Using a laptop and a ic-705 all in batteries. Using a usb 3.0 cable with 3 ferrites. Version 1.11 usb drivers and had tested with version 2.2. and 2.3 of wsjtx software. Windows 10 with full updates Lenovo Yoga Laptop. Had tested with 32-bit and 64-bit version of the software same situation.

vertical lines in the scope and noise appeads every 4khz or so ONLY when the rig control of the software is running. If sofrware is not running or software is running with rig control set to None the noise does not appear. When rig control is off it decodes with no problem. When noise is in it takes a over the signal.

Noise goes away when program is fully closed.

Sometimss you close the program but the program stays on the background (task manager) for 7-9 seconds and the noise still shows up until the program is gone from task manager

Had you anything like this before? I have a video that documents the situation in case someone need it too.

73’s KP3RP

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