locked Log checking

Bill Parris

I use JTAlert in conjunction with WSJTx.  After working a station, WSJTx transfers that station's data into ACLog.  All working fine, however on occassion JTAlert will indicate that I have worked a station b4 but WSJTx indicates that I have not.  I know that JTAlert uses the ACLog file as its source and I assume that WSJTx uses its own file (ADIF as I understand).  How can I get the files the same?  Can I download the ACLog ADIF file into WSJTx's ADIF file?  Or what would be the safest thing to do?  This is not a critical problem, just happens infrequently.  Thanks so much.  This group is an outstanding information source.  At 82 I could not operate without it.  73, Bill, AA4R

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