locked Re: Hamlib error on ft991.

George Nelson <grn@...>


The errors I am getting are not easy to reproduce but I also always get a sound card error - sorry I thought it was a Hamlib error and I was writing from memory. I have been ignoring this to some extent as I always get one of two Hamlib errors: IO error while opening connection to rig or IO error while getting current frequency.

The sound card error (in both cases) is: Error in sound O/P. Requested I/P audio format is not supported on device.

Most times the sound config does not display the USB audio codec option but occassionally I get a (2 - USB audio DEVICE option. I have tried plugging the cable into both USB2 and USB ports but the results are the same.The audio device option is related to the virtual USB device ports.

I know there is a problem with Asus motherboards but I installed a new driver for the sensor device - AMDA00 and now I consistently get the Virtual COM ports showing in Device Manager but I am either not connecting to the rig or cannot read the frequency. I know my rig setup is fine as it is the same for my main PC (the one giving problems) and for my laptop (which works fine and made a contact this evening).

I really would like to get WSJT working on my main PC.

73 George

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