Locked Re: Hamlib error on ft991.

Frank Mellott

Good affternoon
I have been running a Yaesu FTDX-1200 using flrig for cat contol with WSJT-X and JTAlert for a couple years. I get the occasional hamlib error, but today i encountered something I wasted 2 hours on and it seems to have healed itself. Your FT991A issues sound similar.

Yesterday I turned the computer off as normal. Today I started it, started flrig, WSJTX, N3FJP call log and JT Alert and everything was good. That lasted until I tried to transmit and immediately the "hamlib" error unable to communicate popped up. I closed it down and restarted. COM9 where the radio plugs into the computer seemed active..then it was not. I double checked the power management and windows still showed set to never power down UBS ports. I was stumped. I restarted the computer and it would be good for a couple minutes, then my various back up drives would pop up like the USB cables were just plugged in. That made me think something was amiss, so I went back through power management and triple checked everything.
I prowled around the internet looking for ideas and came up dry. I was pretty irritated by this point so I shut everything down. Came back a couple hours later and everything seems fine.

I cannot find it, but I think something in windows is the culprit, unless it is some fault in the USB.

Not sure, but really sure it is not a WSJT-X or flrig or N3FJP issue.
Any ideas appreciated.


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