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I am having a similar problem with a Hamlig errors using my FT991A. I have WSJT running on my laptop with no issues but it won't run on my main PC - both run Window 7. I can't help you with your issue but I'd suggest looking at Device Manager when you plug the USB cable into your PC (assuming you are running Windows). What you want to look for is Ports and LPT and open it if it is not already open. The issues I see explain the two errors I am seeing - I just don't understand why.

I don't have any COM ports at all on my PC - the Ports & LPT sometimes does not appear and I get a Hamlib error that syas it can't connect to the rig. If it does appear there are two port entries (on my system COM4 is the enhanced COM port and COM3 is the standard COM port). If I get a connection to the rig I get a Hamlib error warning that the audio config is not correct. Again, I have one of two situations - either there is no audio Codec entry in the audio settings or I get an Audio USB device option rather than Audio USB Codec option. In either case I can't fix the audio setup error.

The interesting thing that happens when I plug the rig USB cable into my PC - first the USB devices list opens and there can be 1, 2 or 3 entries flagged as in error and no Ports & LPT item appears. Two of the flagged errors will be for USB2 or USB3 devices depending on which type of USB socket you typed it into - the other error is for an AMDA00 device and I don't know what that is. However, if the one or both of the other 2 errors correct themselves the Ports and LPT item appears and there will be two new COM ports. If I see this I manage to connect to the rig and successfully run the Test CAT and Test PTT in the radio setup. However I have on the audio setting I either have no Audio USB Codec option or an Audio USB Device option is available but the latter does not solve the audio connection problem.

I did research the AMDA00 error and it may be the cause of my problems - apparently it is a bug with Asus mptherboards (which is the one that is giving me my problems) and the solution is to update the driver for this. This error only appears when I plug the rig USB cable in and disappears when I unplug it. I've not managed to find the driver on the Asus webset so been unable to try an updated driver but if your PC has an Asus motherboard it may be the cause of the problem.

Sorry this doesn't help you solve your problem but hopefully gives you a path to pursue. If you have an Asus motheboard and I do find the appropriate driver, I'll post again and let you know. However the Device Manager is worthwhile looking at as you plug and/or unplug your rig USB cable - it may point you to an issue with the USB connection to the rig. Also well worth double checking your rig settings.

Good luck,

73 George M0MGN

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