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Robert Lorenzini

And he could use a cheap USB GPS dongle and BKTtimesync or similar.

Bob - wd6dod

On 12/25/2020 5:18 PM, john ni0k wrote:

There is a way to accomplish release of the port without rebooting. Open Device Manager, right-click the proper port and select Disable. Right-click again and select Enable. Ignore any message about rebooting.

-de John NI0K

MARTIN LAMPNER wrote on 12/25/2020 6:36 PM:
Chris, I found that once an app has used the Com Port via USB, even if you exit the program it does not always release the Com Port. The error is telling you the port i not available. The fix while a nuisance is unfortunately to reboot the machine if this is what is causing it. My guess is RT did not disconnect from the USB connection on exit. A reboot cures that. 

Dan nothing to apologize about. Yes the 991A and I assume the 991 actually opens to com ports via the USB cable. When using HRD’s Rig control as the “radio” in WSJT you get a choice PPT called CAT and I assume that it instructs WSJT to use the second port for sound. I do know the audio is getting to WSJT as the audio meter on the left of the screen show level and responds if I raise or lower the volume on the 991A.  

I’m actually using the NIST.GOV clock as my time server, assuming the time.is website is accurate then my clock in the PC is accurate to within 7/10s of a second so I am  fairly confident time sync is good. I could improve on it. Windows 10 calls the time server once a day, but you can edit the Registry and instruct it to do it more frequently. I’m always hesitant to mess in the registry but if I wanted to improve the accuracy of time keeping having it do it four times a day but I don’t think that is going to be needed. I know my PC calls for time at 9:38PM and resets then. If when I checked it about half an hour ago it was only 7 10ths behind It should be no more than .085 behind at reset. 

I do have some concern about how good Time.Is is just because the net itself can induce time loss. Not sure how it compensates for that. As I mentioned I really loved my old radio based time check system but it was when I had the company buy it about $800. But it theoretically was going to be off by know more than .001 seconds from WWV, anywhere in North America and less than that most places. 

Still struggling with getting this to work right but one thing being retired and being careful about COVID is provide time to play with this. 

On Dec 25, 2020, at 6:59 PM, d_ziolkowski <dan.ziolkowski@...> wrote:

sorry I misspoke, I thought from reading the specs of the 991 that an SCU17 was required. Reading it again, the SCU17 is integrated into the unit. 

Perhaps then also probably gives HRD the ability to adjust the SCU17? 

My apologies 


On Fri, Dec 25, 2020 at 6:19 PM Mike Koralewski K8VA <k8va@...> wrote:
I disagree.. It is perfectly "best" to use the direct USB on the rig, to USB on the computer technique on the FT991a. There is absolutely no reason to use an external sound card, unless you want to add more complication to an already complicated situation.
Additionally, the Mienberg NTP time synchro is another over complicated program... I used it for a time, but after a contentious " Microsoft Update Tuesday"  a couple of months ago, I ran into continuous off-synch issues.. Deleting Mienberg and downloading and installing Dimention 4 solved that issue... D4 is old program but it is very easy to install and setup. No issues anymore. 
Yes, it was very good advise to set the bandwidth to Maximum on the Ft991a.
73 and Happy Holiday... 

Dan Ziolkowski KC2STA
SKCC #4290T
Ubuntu LINUX

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