locked Re: Thanks for Accepting My Membership

Mike Koralewski K8VA

I disagree.. It is perfectly "best" to use the direct USB on the rig, to USB on the computer technique on the FT991a. There is absolutely no reason to use an external sound card, unless you want to add more complication to an already complicated situation.
Additionally, the Mienberg NTP time synchro is another over complicated program... I used it for a time, but after a contentious " Microsoft Update Tuesday"  a couple of months ago, I ran into continuous off-synch issues.. Deleting Mienberg and downloading and installing Dimention 4 solved that issue... D4 is old program but it is very easy to install and setup. No issues anymore. 
Yes, it was very good advise to set the bandwidth to Maximum on the Ft991a.
73 and Happy Holiday... 

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