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Head to the website time.is, it will show you the difference between actual time and your computer's time.   It does not do any reset of the time, which is why the WSJT-X Windows installation instructions advise to use a time sync program.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 12/25/2020 1:40 PM, MARTIN LAMPNER wrote:
I want to thank everyone for the welcome and the suggestions. I will be exploring all of them. I did realize something last night. I run Ham Radio Deluxe and looking at various things including the manuals for both the two programs at least on paper work well together having presets for each other.  I decided this AM to try connecting that way. It does connect and at least while on the radio configuration the test for control and PTT both indicate they are working.

Early on in working with this I was getting an error message, that George Nelson commented on Hamlib error: IO error. I realized when I saw his message  what it meant at lest in my case if HRD’s rig control is working it grabs the IO from the USB interface blocking WSJT. I did try with HRD down but was still having issues so I decided to change the configuration and use HRD’s Rig Control as the radio. Doing so as I say does get the tests to work properly and eliminates the IO conflict.

Prior to that when I tried some of the settings folks recommended I found I could get WSJT to do the rig control but was still having issues with the PTT test. The other problem with that is making the various changes in the menu HRD stopped working so I reverted to the defaults and connected through HRD. Doing so I can pass both tests and the radio clearly goes into TX, when doing the PTT test.

I still don’t seem to be getting any incoming messages. Will try the suggestion of using FT8 to see if that behaves differently but also have the problem in both Wshpr and FT8 if I try to enable TX, clicking the button it flashes red for a second  but then reverts to off. If I press tune I can see the transmitter light come on and the unit does auto tune so I’m not sure what is going on.

I did check the time on the system against WWV and while I am using just my ears the time seems well within the second tolerance when displaying the seconds. I note in the WSJT info it says Win 10 does have the accuracy needed if certain adjustments are made. I switched from the Microsoft Time Source to NIST and as I say it is at least as far as I can tell without any instruments staying well within the time standard.  I considered adjusting the polling rate for checking with NIST but decided not to mess with that as its incredibly close to the received signal when tuned to WWV. I am hesitant to set up NTP, as I have had problems with it and some other software in the past.

Is anyone using WSJT through HRD and if so what if any issues are you experiencing.

Thanks all and hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.

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