locked Re: USB driver for Mac 10.15 Catalina and IC-7300/9700

Bob McGraw - K4TAX <rmcgraw@...>

This week I encountered an issue with our church Mac that was updated this week with Big Sur.   I had to replace or update several drivers in order for the video hardware to to resume working.     Good thing I caught it this week or Christmas Eve and Christmas services would have been a near disaster.   While I believe all has been corrected and is working as it should, I just can't wait for the services start and any surprises that may pop up.  


Bob, K4TAX

On 12/23/2020 12:39 AM, zs6jbz@... wrote:

For the Icom rigs that use the 2102 Silabs chip to run the USB link. 

The drivers Silabs supplied worked fine with Mac OS Catalina but needed to be updated for Big Sur.
Silabs published updated driver yesterday.  There is a download link on the page above.

73 Johann ZS6JBZ

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