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Reino Talarmo

Hi Jan,

I sent a private mail to you on more issues for consideration.

In addition I noted a feature that may not be what we want. If you put into Dx Call field only a part of the call e.g “PA0P” in your case, then sw returns QRA of the first call starting with those characters e.g. picking “PA0PAA”, when you hit Enter or Lookup.

Merry Xmas!

73, Reino OH3mA


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Onderwerp: RE: [WSJTX] WSJT-x v2.2.2 lookup issue

Hello Reino,

This evening I rechecked, what actually happens.

I put call and hit return => nothing happens

I add qra and hit return => sw shows dir and distance

I hit Lookup => sw tells me call is already in database do you want to replace?


In my opinion it will be more effective to have the sw recoqnize already at the call only, without the qra.

This makes much more sense in daily use.

(Sometimes it is quite troublesome to find qra).


Maybe good suggestion for next rc version update?


Br. Jan, PAoPLY


Op ma, dec. 21, 2020 om 20:05 schreef Reino Talarmo


My main issue is that the call and qra needs to be in the call3.txt file before program can return qra. User needs to generate or provide that file by some means. There is no linkage from e.g. wsjtx_log.adi file. There is a short description in the last bullet of clause 10.3. Left in User Guide.

73, Reino


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Hello Reino,


I did not check that dir., but aftergiving the call nothing happens, correct.

I will recheck and wait a little longer then, before hitting ADD.


Br. Jan, PAoPLY




Op ma, dec. 21, 2020 om 19:15 schreef Reino Talarmo


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