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I have had the same happen here. I am looking at the Windows mixer controls. I found my record level was at 100%. Lowering it has brought back decoding but it is still not right. Being a blind ham it's a pain to have a set-up messed up.

Have you looked at the Windows Control panel playback and record levels. This is what has been messed with on my Thinkpad.

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Hey guys, I need a little help. I am having decoding issue with FT8. Currently, I am running an older Dell Latitude E6400 series PC with Windows 10 and WSJT-X 2.2.2. Everything was working fine then all of a sudden no or erratic decodes. Reinstalled W10, Dimension 4 and WSJT-X. Security off, Firewall off, timing is good, adjusted Mic control from start to finish. I am still getting erratic or no decodes. Any ideals would be greatly appreciated.


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