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g3wdg <charlie@...>

Hi Paul

PTT can be done from WSJT-X to SDR Console via CAT. You will need a
virtual serial cable as well as the VAC to connect the CAT between them.

Use the TS2000 as the radio in WSJT-X and as I recall use CAT as the
WSJT-X PTT option. If this doesn't work, I will check my notes and

As noted in the thread, frequency stability will probably be an issue for
FT8. Also, an unmodified Pluto drifts awfully badly.


Charlie G3WDG

Hi Tom

Thanks for your reply.
I have VAC software setup and I am looking for a PTT setup combination to
use with SDR Console and the Pluto.
I have tried TS2000 but it does not seem to work.

Paul M1BKL

From: Tom M0LTE
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Subject: Re: [WSJTX] QO-100

Hi Paul

Virtual audio cable software is what you’re looking for.

Ship the audio from SDR Console to WSJT-X’s audio input, and ship the
audio from WSJT-X’s output to SDR Console’s audio input.

Not sure about PTT since I don’t have a TX-capable SDR, but my guess is
it would be through TS2000 emulation and a pair of virtual serial ports
tied together, WSJT-X on one end, SDR Console on the other.


On Sun, 20 Dec 2020 at 12:46, Paul Coddington via groups.io
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I would like to run WSJT-x (FT8 etc) on QO-100 by way of SDR-Console and
ADLAM Pluto.

Any ideas would be welcome, I am currently using wsjt-x v2.1.2 but I
easly update this if would help.

Paul M1BKL


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