locked Re: Crowded frequencies

Reino Talarmo

Hi Jean-Michel,

This discussion has assumed that operators use ‘Hold Tx Freq’ selection and have chosen a ‘free’ transmit frequency for their potential transmissions including answering CQ’s.

If you want always answer with a small offset, say 10 Hz, you rig may have RIT or transmitter independent tuning facility and you could use it for that purpose already.


About the original title there is a nice feature built into wsjtx by which we could spread stations on a wider frequency range. We could use ‘directed’ CQ to ‘force’ an answer to your CQ to another spot. Just call on 20 m band e.g.  CQ 077 OH3MA in my case. That would direct answers into range 14.077 – 14.080 instead of normal 14.074 – 14.077. See User Guide 17.1. Overview fourth clause. I have not tested what I need to do to make it work, hi!


73, Reino OH3mA


This is possible when I see a station and wait him to end QSO (73) to call him. But if I want to reply to a CQ I have not the time to enter my new Freq!

So an idea is if it is possible to choose in the config some adjustable offset ( say + or - 0-20Hz) that will be add to our TX FREQ .

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