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Dave Garber

why are you not selecting the 570 d or 570s in your drop down

Dave Garber

On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 10:16 PM Brian Summers <ve7jkz@...> wrote:
Thank you for the suggestion Bill. Before doing anything I did a restart of Windoze to ensure nothing had gone amiss. I selected both the TS50S then the TS480 from the pull down menu. I kept settings as per G3XJP's spec: 9600,8,1, no handshake, RTS and DTR blank. Then I followed Dave Garber's suggestion of setting DTR and RTS high. Did this with both the TS480 and tS50S. Still no success.

Brian VE7JKZ

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On 15/12/2020 01:20, Brian Summers wrote:
> Thank you for the reply John. I did try the settings you suggested but
> with no success, including changing baud rate from 9600 to 4800.
> For the record my N1MM settings are: Port 8, Radio: Kenwood, then
> 9600, N, 8, 1, DTR (pin4) always ON, RTS (pin7) always ON. (I think
> N1MM set RTS and DTR)
> Now let me describe the physical arrangement that I use for N1MM. I
> have a standard USB cable from the computer (Win10) to an adaptor that
> provides two RS-232 outputs. One goes to the radio for rig control,
> the other to Winkey, and it's Winkey that controls the radio tx/rx
> function. This has worked perfectly for many years.
> For wsjt the thought occurred to me that having Winkey in circuit is
> not a good idea, so although I left it there physically I selected as
> PTT Method: RTS., and COM port 3. From this com port I have a separate
> USB/RS-232 adapter that goes to the radio PTT line. This PTT control
> works perfectly with wsjt.
> In summary, com port 8 for rig control, com port 3 for PTT.
> Brian VE7JKZ

Hi Brian,

try one of the more basic rig models like the TS-480 or the TS-50.


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