locked Re: Being called when just monitoring and not transmitting


On 16/12/2020 15:51, David Gould wrote:
I run WSJT-X (2.2.2) and JTAlert (2.16.15).  Recently I have spent quite a lot of time just monitoring 15m, and never transmitting.  I have noticed several times that I get called by a "station" with the right format  eg      "G3UEG  IO6YIP BG06           a2"
How can this happen?  IO6YIP is not on QRZ.COM so is suspect.  How is my callsign known, I have NOT transmitted at all , not even tuned up.
This has happened probably 6/8 times over the last couple of months.  Sometimes the message format is obviously gibberish, but sometimes nearly right as above.
I am perplexed!
Dave  G3UEG
That's happened to me as well. I assumed they were monitoring pskreporter. One, during the ARRL Grid Chase, was so soon after I changed bands and before I'd transmitted that I assume it was an automated station.


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