Locked Re: W10 build 2004 and WSJT-X only showing the Windows Default audio device w/USB


Ok, here is my report:
The Raspberry Pi 4B with 8 GB RAM:
I have the ICOM 7610 and the ICOM 9100 both connected to the Pi and a Logitech USB mouse/keyboard and now USB M.2 drive.
(I upgraded from the 32 GB Samsung Evo Select / Plus to the USB 3.0 SATA)
Case $20: 

UGREEN M.2 Enclosure for SATA NGFF SSD, Aluminum USB 3.1 Gen 2 to B+M/B-Key 2280/2260/2242/2230 External Solid State Drive Enclosure w/UASP Compatible for Samsung, WD, Crucial, Kingston

I also tinkered with overclocking.
I'm using the Vilros Complete starter kit with fan cooled heavy duty aluminum case
It now seems to be done decoding at or near the 15 second mark whereas before it was still decoding 3 or 4 seconds into the next cycle.
We will see how it does when the band is crazy really busy.
The other things I had to do was stop operating it headless.
VNC seems to put it on it's back foot more than xrdp but it's tough to judge - one moment it decodes 19 sessions with ease and a few minutes later it decodes 32 and it goes 4 or 5 seconds into the next session.  I believe when i'm not operating headless it gets them done in time.  ( screen 2560 x 1440 )
I also had to change the wide graph from 'N Avg 2' to 3.
Maybe I should have tried it on a Chromium laptop?  I dunno.. but this is working and I am happy.. and now I'm back on the air with FT8.
I think tomorrow I will take WSJT-X off the W10 computer and just use Raspberry Pi.  This really is cool!
As for the hard drive, it certainly helps during heavy load to have a drastically faster I/O.
I think I will go to bed now.. this was like Field Day :-)  two hours of sleep then back at it..

Thank you to those here for encouraging me to consider moving WSJT-X to a Pi 4, and a few neighbors who have been bugging me a few years about Pi.. and to Amazon for free 2 day shipping and even 'order this in the next 30 min. and it arrives tomorrow'!!  Oh, also thanks to the maker of 'HamPi' and 'Build a Pi'.
These allowed me to start working on WSJT vs working on building and saved me a few days.

Screen shot of dual WSJT-X's is attached.

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