Locked Re: Using WSJT-X with a TS 590 SG

Reino Talarmo

Yes I did John, Actually, the radio that is brand new had the 1.07 software level, the latest one The only thing I had to install was the Silicon lab files, the ones that create the codec links. On COM3 I now see Playback speaker USB Audio Codec and on Recording Microphone USB Audio Codec. These are the ones you suggested to rename.  Opening either of them with command run "mmsys.cpl "shows they are properly working with respectively levels of -18 dB and 0.00 dB.


Jacques  W2/F2ys


Hi Jacques,

It seems that you have got audio working, I assume. Have you got rig control working? You state that your audio is on COM3. I am a bit surprised, if you see it in Audio tab. COM-ports in Radio tab are related to CAT control. Have checked you com ports in Windows? I studied a bit TS 590SG about cat control and noted that there are two methods one using USB connector along with audio and second using COM connector. There are (at least) two menu items 67 and 68 for setting baud rate for those ports. Make sure that you have set same baud rate for correct ports than you have in wsjtx. You may check functionality of the cat using Test CAT button in Radio tab, should turn green, may take some time.

73, Reino OH3mA

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