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I?m in the same boat, however I?m just trying to migrate to a new MacBook Air with M1 processor. I did the procedure as outlined in the text doc, but shmmax 4194304 is what resulted. The doc says this doesn?t match what is needed. It hurts out on the bleeding edge. Program start is giving the same error messages. Following.
Hi OM,
WSJT-X runs on Big Sur using an M1 processor but the sysctl.conf script to set up the kernel shared memory parameters does not. We don't know why yet but you can adjust the shared memory settings manually. The downside is that the settings are not persistent and have to be re-applied whenever you reboot the system. Attached is the latest ReadMe.txt file which will be in the next release, it includes specific instructions for those with M1 Macs.
Big Sur has been a bit of a headache for me. I had to do a clean install
several times. Now everything is working OK EXCEPT for wsjt-x. It was
working on one of the previous reloads of the OS, but now it gives me
the "Shared memory error" and I can't get it to start even after I run
all the sysctl -w (and even check them with sysctl to see if they've

Oh, I am running an x86 Mac and 2.3.0-rc2.
As I expected, after some random number of reboots, it started working.
Thank goodness because 10M appears to be waking up!

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