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John Morphet

Take a look at GridTracker. It will upload your QSOs automatically to multiple sites.



John, WØZI




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Subject: [WSJTX] Log is a pain to work with.


The logging utility in WSJT-X 2.2.2 is a real pain to work with.  It will not export in adif format and trying to convert Cabrillo to adif is spotty at best.  I upload all my contacts to QRZ, and out of a recent total of 325 contacts on FT8, it only took 9.  I tried copying the Cabrillo log to a txt file then converting it to no avail.  And I am still having issues with the program working with N1MM Logger+.  It will not launch from within N1MM.  Further, on program launch, I get an error message that says the adif header information is incorrect.

Any help is appreciated.

Diane K0DSL

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