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Reino Talarmo

Hi David,

This is a bit outside the normal WSJTX group issue, but here it goes. As Bill already stated WSJT-X does not support a two source solution. In you comparison you need two receivers and antennas. Just add two instances of WSJT-X (perhaps in two PC as I have done) and you will get two ALL.txt files. Those files will be different firstly due two independent decoders and secondly due to the actual antenna comparison. Decoders will decode signals in different order by design.

For comparison you need to process ALL.txt files in a proper manner depending what you want to know about those receivers/antennas. There is a challenge to correctly interpret comparison results as all we got are S/N values per station. If you are more interested I put a link here for some results. Unfortunately it is in Finnish, but there are some pictures: http://www.oh3ad.fi/ and select the green link on main page saying 'Rixun Kolmoset julkaisut täältä' and select Rixun Kolmonen 2_2020 Nov 24, 2020.
73, Reino OH3mA

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Hello - I have a similar need, although for a different use case -

I would like to run two instances of WSJT-X on the same machine (I expect this is another topic; initially I'd like to see if the two-audio-source problem is solvable), one taking audio from the left channel, one from the right channel. My application is to compare two separate receivers/antennas tuned to the same frequency. I do not see any option in WSJT-X (I am using version 2.2.2 on Windows 10 64-bit) to select from which "side" of audio WSJT-X accepts input audio for processing.

In searching the group, I've not immediately found a reference to separating two audio sources arriving on a stereo audio input device.

Thank you for any follow-up questions or advice.

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