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Andrée Schokker <andreschokker@...>

Tnx for the support!
The reason why I want to work via vox control simple I have not cat cables yet.
But I had found a old usb cable by clean the shack so I wanted to try.
But I’m not an real digi communications fan, I like to work usb and cw the most

73 Andre ph5c

Op 9 dec. 2020, om 21:47 heeft Reino Talarmo <reino.talarmo@...> het volgende geschreven:

Hi Andree,

I have not looked details how to use VOX with FTdx3000: I know that there are FTdx3000 menu settings to enable it.

My question is: have you got a special reason to use VOX and not using CAT for PTT? If you got CAT working for frequency control, then also CAT for PTT should work. Again there are menu settings to be checked. I have used in my FTdx3000:

Following menu items affect to audio via USB:
070 MODE-DAT = 0 (default 1000 shifts TX frequency!)
076 DATA MIC GAIN = 15 (my assumption)
077 DATA OUT LEVEL = 50 (my assumption)
Bandwidth settings:
071 DATA LCUT FREQ = 100 (optional)
073 DATA HCUT FRE Q = 4000 (optional)
CAT communication settings
038 CAT RATE = 38400 (or 19200)
040 CAT RTS is set to ENABLE or DISABLE, see below
WSJT-X settings Radio tab:
Rig FTdx3000
CAT Control settings:
Serial port Enhanced COMx
Baud rate 38400 (or 19200)
Data Bits Default
Stop Bits Default
Handshake Default or hardware, if 040 CAT RTS is set to ENABLE
Handshake None, if 040 CAT RTS is set to DISABLE
Force Control Lines neither selected
PTT Method CAT
Port Enhanced COMx the same as for CAT
Transmit Audio Source:
Rear/Data (due to menu 075)
Mode Data/Pkt (no rig microfone)
Split Operation:
Rig or Fake It (I use Fake)
WSJT-X settings Audio:
Input USB Audio Codec
Output USB Audio Codec
Windows audio:
DVD 16 bits and 48000 bit/s

Best Luck
73, Reino OH3mA

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Hi all,
I have a yaesu ftdx3000 using the internal soundcard and a macbook air laptop.
I downloaded the program.
The recieve is ok now.
But I can’t transmit by vox operation.
Who have good settings to get vox operation?

73 Andree ph5c

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