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Bill Somerville

On 10/12/2020 17:28, David Feldman via groups.io wrote:
Hello - I have a similar need, although for a different use case -

I would like to run two instances of WSJT-X on the same machine (I expect this is another topic; initially I'd like to see if the two-audio-source problem is solvable), one taking audio from the left channel, one from the right channel. My application is to compare two separate receivers/antennas tuned to the same frequency. I do not see any option in WSJT-X (I am using version 2.2.2 on Windows 10 64-bit) to select from which "side" of audio WSJT-X accepts input audio for processing.

In searching the group, I've not immediately found a reference to separating two audio sources arriving on a stereo audio input device.

Thank you for any follow-up questions or advice.

Hi David,

it doesn't sound like you have tried what you want to do, there are no issues with doing the things you wish.

Multiple instances of WSJT-X on he same PC, see item 2 in the FAQ section of the WSJT-X User Guide:


Selecting the audio channel for reception:

I don't understand why you see any need to "separate" audio channels from a stereo audio stream since multiple applications can consume the same stream, whether using the same channel or different ones.


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